Lozier, Ralph F.

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Essay documenting the role Ralph E. Truman and Olive L. Truman played in the 1934 U.S. Senatorial campaign in Missouri. Olive details how her and her husband helped Jacob L. Milligan with his campaign before learning that Ralph's cousin Harry S. Truman would enter as well.

Telegram from Ralph F. Lozier to Charles M. Howell. After polling rural Missouri counties, Lozier rules that Truman would come in last place behind John J. Cochran and Jacob L. "Tuck" Milligan as Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator.

Letter from Kansas City Chamber of Commerce President Conrad H. Mann to Ralph F. Lozier. Mann reproduces a telegram to be sent to the House Conference Committee on Appropriation Bill for State, Commerce and Labor. The telegram is in support of the continued existence of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce office in Kansas City.

Telegram from Ralph F. Lozier to his son Lue C. Lozier. Ralph informs Lue that if James P. Aylward declines candidacy for U.S. Senate, the Kansas City Democratic Organization will support Ralph.

Letter from Bennett C. Clark to James A. Reed. Clark discusses a Redistricting Bill and asks Reed to ask for Thomas J. Pendergast's input on the matter.

Letter from Ralph F. Lozier to Katherine W. Halterman in which he expresses his regret that Pendergast retracted his support for Lozier's U.S. Senate candidacy. He comments that, "the Missouri Democracy will not take Judge Truman's candidacy seriously," and believes that Jacob L. "Tuck" Milligan will win.

Letter from Dave Morris of Nourse Oil Company to Ralph F. Lozier. Morris urges Lozier to oppose any legislation that would propose a revenue tax on gasoline or lubricating oils. He states that any additional tax would create an undue burden on the oil industry.

Letter from Lue C. Lozier to his father Ralph F. Lozier in which Lue updates Ralph on Thomas J. Pendergast's response to Ralph's letter. Lue relates the list of people Pendergast is currently willing to support for the 1934 U.S. Senate campaign.

Letter from Ralph F. Lozier to Charles M. Howell in which Ralph explains why Charles should drop out of his Senate campaign race so that Ralph may enter with Pendergast's support.

Letter from Ralph F. Lozier to S. J. Payne in which Lozier informs Payne that he should not send his recommendation of Payne to Thomas J. Pendergast, as it "would do no good and might do harm." Instead, he suggests procuring a recommendation from Mr. Fleming or Mr. Taaffe of Pendergast's organization.

Letter from Ralph F. Lozier to Dave Morris of Nourse Oil Company in which Lozier affirms that he has voted against the oil tax. He then comments on Nourse Oil Company roadside advertisements claiming that "BUSINESS IS GOOD", despite Morris writing Lozier that the industry is hurting.

Telegram from Charles M. Howell to Ralph F. Lozier. Howell responds to Lozier's inquiry as to how to contact T. J. Pendergast concerning Lozier's candidacy for U.S. Senate. Howell suggests that Lozier telephones him.