Hargus, Samuel O.

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Letter from Thelma Strauss to Sam Hargus asking for advice on getting a recommendation for a state job.

Letter from Sam Hargus, secretary to Governor Guy Park to Thomas J. Finnigan, discussing a recent article on Tom Pendergast and jesting about a political appointment for Finnigan referenced in the previous letter.

Letter from U. A. McBride to Sam Hargus, indicating that Tom Pendergast was recommending him for a government position.

Letter from Thomas J. Finnigan to Sam Hargus, personal secretary to Governor Park, in which he mentions a racing tip he gave to the Governor and others.

Response letter from Sam Hargus to Thelma Strauss recommending she get the endorsement of Jim Pendergast for a state job since she was unable to get Tom Pendergast's endorsement.

Letter from Sam Hargus to Thomas Finnigan describing a successful bet at the 1933 Kentucky Derby.

Letter from Sophia Tritts to Mr. Hargis regarding church charity in the Kansas City area.

Response letter from U. A McBride to Governor Park's secretary Sam Hargus in which he emphasizes his affiliation with Tom Pendergast and seeks a job.

Letter from a Thomas Finnigan to Sam Hargus, personal secretary to governor Guy B. Park. The letter refers to an enclosed newspaper article that is highly critical of Tom Pendergast.

Letter from Roy Guyton, certified public accountant, referring to recommendations that his firm be hired to audit the books of state governmental departments.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Governor Park, in response to being overlooked for an appointment.

Letter from Sam Hargus to U. A. McBride recommending that James Pendergast should meet with Governor Guy Park.