Canfil, Fred

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Letter from Fred Canfil to Harry S. Truman in which Canfil presents a way to sway the vote of the WPA workers for the upcoming primary election by speaking critically of Lloyd C. Stark.

Letter from Harry S. Truman to Thomas McGee in which Truman states that McGee's son-in-law, John Lillis, should soon be re-appointed at the Federal Housing Administration. Truman then expresses his sorrow for the death of James A. Shannon, a Kansas City lawyer who passed away on May 16, 1936.

Essay documenting the role Ralph E. Truman and Olive L. Truman played in the 1934 U.S. Senatorial campaign in Missouri. Olive details how her and her husband helped Jacob L. Milligan with his campaign before learning that Ralph's cousin Harry S. Truman would enter as well.

Letter from J. R. Smith to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, including a St. Joseph News-Press newspaper clipping about an Al Capone associate marveling at Kansas City vice. The article is titled "WIDE OPEN AND VULGAR." Smith also requests that Stark help retain Henry Dillingham as U.S.