Bulger, Miles

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Map shows roads in Jackson County, Missouri. Legend indicates type of road (macadam, graded, etc.), railroads, electric lines, section lines, and streams.

Form letter from the Jackson County Republican Committee to the citizens of Kansas City in advance of the 1922 Election. The letter asserts that the nominees on the Democratic ticket were selected by Joseph Shannon, Tom Pendergast, Cas Welch, Johnny O'Neill, and Miles Bulger.

A longhand note written by Harry S. Truman while he was a judge for Jackson County, Missouri. In this note, Truman exposes many of the names and relations of those involved with the Pendergast machine in Kansas City.

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to his nephew, Kansas City Court of Appeals Judge Ewing C. Bland, on December 31, 1920. Mitchell comments that Sanford Madden should not the support of all Kansas City political factions in order to be a strong candidate for marshal. Mitchell contends that Thomas J.

Letter from Kansas City Court of Appeals judge, Ewing C. Bland, to his uncle, Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on December 11, 1920. Bland inquires if Sanford Madden should continue his campaign for marshal since he does not have the support of all Kansas City political factions.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Lloyd C. Stark discussing Pendergast support in the gubernatorial race vs that for Roy McKittrick, and Hurst's efforts to gather support for Stark.