Brisley, Sye

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Letter from Lloyd Stark to Sye Brisley thanking him for a recent letter and asking for reports on his gubernatorial campaign. He also notes that he will be attending the funeral of Dr. Unsell.

This letter provides an update to Lloyd Stark on the status of support for his gubernatorial campaign in Missouri.

Letter to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark advising him as to the status of support for his campaign in various Missouri communities and the likely performance of William Hirth in the race. Brisley added as a postscript: "Please destroy."

Letter from Clifford J. Wallace asserting his support of Lloyd Stark's candidacy and warning him to be careful in selecting political associates in St. Joseph.

Letter to Lloyd Stark outlining the allegiance of political factions in Missouri for the 1936 gubernatorial election.

Letter to 1936 gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark updating him on campaign activities in several Missouri towns.