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The University School of Christianity presents "The Growth of Unity," an address Lowell Fillmore gave in July, 1923, at the Unity Conference and Healing Revival. Fillmore recounts  the hardships he experienced growing and the Christian influence his parents had on him.

Photograph of the Altoona Apartments (later renamed the Concord Apartments), once located on the south side of 8th Street between Troost Avenue and Forest Avenue.

Photograph of the Hyde Apartments, once located at the southwest corner of Troost Avenue and 14th Street.

Photograph showing staff and patients in waiting room of the Alfred Benjamin Dispensary, once located on the north side of Admiral Boulevard between Harrison Street and Troost Avenue.

Photograph of Alfred Benjamin Dispensary (right) and Jewish Educational Building (left) at the northeast corner of Harrison Street and Admiral Boulevard.

Photograph looking southeast at the intersection of Troost Avenue and 12th Street. Shows Roy L. Wooddy Drugstore at 1101 E 12th. Wooddy also had a drugstore at 1300 Locust.

Photograph looking west along north side of 13th Street between Troost Avenue and Forest Avenue. The Odd Fellows Temple is pictured to the left.

Photograph looking north along Troost Avenue at 12th Street.

Photograph of storefronts along the south side of 12th Street between Campbell Street and Harrison Street.

Photograph looking east along 12th Street at the intersection of Troost Avenue.

Photograph looking north on the east side of Forest Avenue between 9th Street and 10th Street. The First Church of Christ Scientist is pictured to the left.

Photograph looking north on Troost Avenue from just south of 12th Street. Eisberg's Drugs is pictured to the right.