Missouri State Supreme Court

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Letter from Amos E. Alexander to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, professing support for James M. Douglas, but expressing concern for the number of Pendergast appointees in state offices and the poor administration of pensions to retirees, reporting "one old fellow over eighty one years old draws only ten dollars a month."

Letter from Mrs. Anice McKinley, secretary of the Hickory County Democratic Committee, to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing local support in Hickory County for James Billings in the Missouri Supreme Court primary, and noting that all WPA jobs and nearly all political appointees were filled with Pendergast men.

Letter from L. B. Jones to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting that Missouri State School employees are forced to donate a percentage of their wages to Pendergast's candidate James Billings in his campaign against James M. Douglas for Missouri Supreme Court. Jones writes that "if the board here investigates how our vote was cast ...

Letter from J. W. Emory to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing the James M. Douglas and James V. Billings campaigns for Missouri Supreme Court in 1938. The Pendergast Machine supported Bilings; Emory is pledging his vote to Douglas and seeking advice for how to best organize support in Mississippi County.

Letter from E. B. DeShon to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing James M. Douglas winning the Democratic Primary for the Missouri Supreme Court race, and pledging assistance in the fall election.

Letter from M. J. Sannebeck to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing losing his job for not supporting Pendergast and vowing to support James Douglas in the election for Missouri Supreme Court.