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Photograph of the Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe circa 1939. Taken from the street, looking northwest, the lawn surrounding the building is covered in snow. The two-story brick courthouse with central belltower was designed by architect George Washburn in 1891, and was demolished in 1952.

Photograph of downtown Olathe, Kansas, as seen from the Johnson County courthouse in 1938. The square is covered in snow and trees have no leaves. One- and two-story commercial buildings line surrounding streets, with automobiles parked around the square perimeter.

Photograph of Jennings Mill in Overland Park, Kansas, circa 1938. Located at Robinson Street and Santa Fe Drive, the broad-roofed building bears signs advertising coal, animal feed, and paint. A pickup truck and automobile are parked in front.

Photograph of buildings on the south side of Johnson Drive between Nieman Road and Barton Drive circa 1915. The Shawnee State Bank building, at the corner of Johnson and Nieman, stands at the left side of the image and is partly covered in ivy. Immediately to its west stands a vacant lot, then four more stone one- and two-story buildings.

Photograph of Countryside Christian Church in Countryside, later Mission, Kansas, circa 1942. The church building is pictured surrounded by trees, looking east from across Nall Avenue. The building was dedicated on April 12, 1942, and was destroyed by fire in 1944. It was rebuilt in 1945.

Photograph of Johnson Drive, looking west from Nieman Road, in downtown Shawnee circa the 1910s. Two men and a little girl stand outside the Shawnee State Bank building at the left o the photo, with other brick and stone commercial buildings extending down Johnson Drive.

Photograph of the Patrons Fire & Tornado Association building at 125 South Cherry Street in Olathe, circa 1940. The stone building features an arched roof line bearing the name of the company, and the year 1912, marking its construction, is marked under the arch. Two men, identified as inspectors B. M. Ottaway and Floyd B.

Photograph of Crescent Beach at Lake Quivira, looking north along the beach to the Lake Quivira Clubhouse, in 1931 or 1932. The beach and clubhouse opened in 1930 following the construction of the dam which created Lake Quivira.

Photograph of the clubhouse building at Lake Quivira, looking south across Crescent Boulevard, in 1931 or 1932. The clubhouse building, completed in 1930, stands at the northeast corner of Lake Quivira, and includes a stone and stucco facade and Spanish-style tiled roof. Newly planted trees are also visible around the building. 

Photograph of a young man holding a wheelbarrow outside of Shawnee Mission Rural High School in 1938. The young man, a participant in the Future Farmers of America program, stands on snow-covered ground outside the school building. The photograph is part of the 1938 Future Farmers of American scrapbook.

Photograph of downtown Shawnee, Kansas, circa 1935. Looking west down Main Street (later Johnson Drive) from its intersection with 5th Street (later Nieman Road), streetcar rails run along the side of the unpaved roads. The Shawnee Garage service station stands on the southwest corner of the intersection, at the left edge of the photo.

Photograph of a group of young men gathered near two bars at Porter Dairy Farm in Overland Park, Kansas, circa 1930. The barns are built from stone on their lower levels and have wood siding on the second levels. The group of 25 young men wear a variety of clothing, including overalls, hats, and neckties.