BMA Building (Pershing Road)

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Photograph with full frontal view of Business Men's Assurance Co. building on Pershing Road, the former Sweeney School for auto, tractor, and aviation. Park Hotel is visible in background. This vantage point faces south-southwest on Pershing Road from just south of Union Station.

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A form letter from C. A. Schutty, General Chairman of the Railroad Brotherhoods, to Kansas City resident A. A. Gadow. Schutty reminds the recipient that in 1938, Truman fought against a wage reduction for railroad workers. Since Truman's campaign seeks financial support, Schutty asks that it is now time "to reciprocate and contribute dollars to the Senator's Campaign Fund."

Civil War on the Western Border: The Missouri-Kansas Conflict,1855-1865.
The Pendergast Years, Kansas City in the Jazz Age & Great Depression.
KC History, Missouri Valley Special Collections at the Kansas City Public Library.