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Photograph of a two-story brick house in Prairie Village, Kansas, circa 1935. The house was built by Henry Coppock, an early Johnson County settler, in the late 1800s. An automobile is pictured in front of the house, which is surrounded by trees.

Photograph of the Patrons Fire & Tornado Association building at 125 South Cherry Street in Olathe, circa 1940. The stone building features an arched roof line bearing the name of the company, and the year 1912, marking its construction, is marked under the arch. Two men, identified as inspectors B. M. Ottaway and Floyd B.

Photograph of a car parked along Lakeshore Drive West on the west side of Lake Quivira in 1931 or 1932. Work on the lake and the surrounding area was started by the Quivira Development Company in 1927. The first stages of the project were completed by the early 1930s. 

Photograph of downtown Shawnee, Kansas, circa 1935. Looking west down Main Street (later Johnson Drive) from its intersection with 5th Street (later Nieman Road), streetcar rails run along the side of the unpaved roads. The Shawnee Garage service station stands on the southwest corner of the intersection, at the left edge of the photo.

Photograph of a row of houses, one a furnished exhibition house, situated along 69th Street in Prairie Village, Kansas, in September 1941. Cars are parked on the street and visitors to the exhibition house can be seen gathered near the front door and driveway. The exhibition house was built and furnished by J. C.

Photograph of two men standing next to two trucks in Lenexa, Kansas, circa 1920. The trucks are parked in front of a business advertising "millinery," "notions, "dry goods," and "Queensware" dishes in the front windows. A crate labeled "EGGS" is visible in the back of one truck, while the other contains cages of chickens.

Photograph of an unidentified Strang Line station in Johnson County, Kansas, circa 1940. The small building features half stone walls and ornate rafter tails, and a car is parked to its side.

Photograph of Park Street in downtown Olathe Kansas, looking east, circa 1930. The image shows two- and three-story stone and brick buildings, cars parked at curbs, and streetcar rails leading down Park Street. A sign on the building at the front right of the image reads "First National Bank." 

Photograph of the Boyle-Pryor Construction Company Building near the southeastern city limits at that time.

Photograph of the Huntzinger Building, the seven-story building pictured center. It was once located on the north side of 10th Street between Baltimore Avenue and Wyandotte Street. This vantage point faces northwest near the southwest corner of 10th and Baltimore.

Photograph of the Boyle-Pryor Construction Company Building near the southeastern city limits at that time.

Photograph of the Israel Transfer Company Building, once located on the east side of Grand Avenue (Grand Boulevard) between 22nd Street and 23rd Street.