Allen, Newt

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Group portrait of the Kansas City Monarchs. Standing, from the left: Sam Bankhead, T.J. Young, George Giles, Turkey Stearnes, Frank Duncan, Moocha Harris, Carroll Mothel, Cool Papa Bell, Newt Allen, Willie Wells, J.L. Wilkinson. Kneeling, from the left: Chet Brewer, Newt Joseph, Bullet Joe Rogan, Charles Beverly.

Photograph of the 1934 Kansas City Monarchs team. Pictured are Frank Duncan, Bullett Rogan, Dink Mothell, Sam Bankhead, Frank Duncan, Jr., Newt Allen, Newt Joosph, Eddie Dwight, Bill Foster, George Giles, T. J. Young, Turkey Stearns, Chet Brewster, Sam Crawford, John Donaldson, Charley Beverly, and Andy Cooper.

Newt Allen

For most of his 23-year baseball career, Newt Allen was an integral component of the Kansas City Monarchs, one of the most storied teams in the history of Negro league baseball. A solid hitter and stellar defensive player, Allen was arguably the best second baseman in black baseball during the 1920s and early 1930s.