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Judgement and sentencing document for Frank Mulloy, Inmate #39293. Mulloy was sentenced to one year and six months in the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth after being convicted of violating the Prohibition Act.

July 6th 1931

Indictment for Criminal Case No. 12698: United States vs. Richard Tallman Galatas, alias Dick Galadis, alias Pritchard Sheridan; Herbert Allen Farmer, alias Herbert Black, alias H. A. Patton, alias W. H. Williams; Esther Farmer; Frances Nash, alias Frances Miller, alias Frances Harrison; Frank B. Mulloy, alias Frits Mulloy; Louis Stacci, alias Doc Stacey; Elisabeth Galatas, alias Betty McFadden, alias Mrs. Glenn Morris, and Vivian Mathis, alias Vivian Page, alias Clara Hays, Defendants. The defendants are charged in a conspiracy of aiding Vernon C.

October 24th 1934

Indictment for Criminal Case No. 12777: United States vs. Adam Richetti, Defendant. Richetti is charged with assaulting state and federal officers and attempting to free Frank Nash from custody as part of the Union Station Massacre.

November 5th 1934
Civil War on the Western Border: The Missouri-Kansas Conflict,1855-1865.
The Pendergast Years, Kansas City in the Jazz Age & Great Depression.
KC History, Missouri Valley Special Collections at the Kansas City Public Library.