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Complaint for deprivation of plaintiff's civil rights under color of state laws in Civil Action No. 42: Lucile Bluford v. S.W. Canada, claiming damages of $20,000 for Bluford's rejection from the University of Missouri graduate program in journalism based solely on her race. The complaint recounts the details of her case, including her qualifications for the program and her repeated applications to and denials of admission, as well as the absence of any comparable program open to black students in the state.

November 2nd 1939

Amendment to complaint in Civil Action No. 42: Lucile Bluford v. S.W. Canada. The plaintiff's attorneys amend Bluford's original complaint by adding text to provide that Bluford knew that Lincoln University did not offer graduate or undergraduate work in journalism. At the time, Bluford was the managing editor of the Kansas City Call and her effort to gain admittance to the masters degree program at MU's School of Journalism, and repeated denials due to her race, lead to a a series of lawsuits that eventually reached the Missouri Supreme Court.

February 3rd 1940

Amendment to amended second complaint in Civil Action No. 42: Lucile Bluford v. S.W. Canada.

June 1st 1940

Memorandum in opposition to defendant's motion to dismiss in Civil Action No. 42: Lucile Bluford v. S.W. Canada. Bluford's attorneys oppose the defendant's motion to dismiss the case, and recap the facts of their case including Bluford's eligibility for admission to the University of Missouri's graduate program in journalism in every factor but her race, Lincoln University's lack of a journalism program, and address the issue of whether S. W. Canada, as an agent of MU, is liable under federal law, among other legal issues.

February 29th 1940
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