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Letter from Ashton Keith to Maurice M. Milligan suggesting that if Milligan should run for governor instead of Senate if he wishes to continue working against the Pendergast machine. He also writes that Pendergast "WAS NOT AND IS NOT THE REAL BOSS," and that "the Machine is far more strongly entrenched in Kansas City ... than most people realize."

December 1st 1939

Clipping from the Sunday Washington Star by O. K. Armstrong describing the Pendergast machine and efforts to take them down ahead of a March 1938 election.

March 13th 1938

Letter from L. E. Myers to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, stating that Jackson County prosecutor W. W. Graves is corrupt, and accusing him letting rapists and thieves go free in a case for a bribe.

February 15th 1940

Letter from J. T. Montgomery to Governor Lloyd C. Stark discussing machine candidates in an upcoming election. He writes, "If I were in your place, I would tell these gentlemen that their ticket was not a Democratic ticket, but was a machine ticket in order to get control again of Kansas City, and rob its people."

March 7th 1940

Letter from Mrs. L. M. Fry to Governor Lloyd C. Stark describing her and her husband's encounters with the Pendergast Machine and issues related to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She writes that the mayor of Independence "is really a double crosser if there was one,"

March 31st 1940

Anonymous letter to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing ongoing corruption during elections, and making other accusations of misdeeds in Kansas City. The writer signs off anonymously, saying "am not signing my name for I rather live a while longer and you could have a leak in your office."

December 1940

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Major Lloyd C. Stark, writing that he had recommended Stark as candidate for governor to his friend, Tom Pendergast.

January 4th 1934

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Lloyd C. Stark, discussing the state of his orchard and conversations with Tom Pendergast. He also invites Stark to use him as a reference with Casimir Welch or Jim Aylward.

January 17th 1935

Letter from J. H. Easley to Lloyd C. Stark discussing prospects in Stark's upcoming election. He writes that it is early in the campaign and "most of the talk is to find out who is going to be the strongest and who will [Pendergast] back."

February 4th 1935

Letter from J. H. Easley to Tom Pendergast, encouraging him to support Lloyd Stark for Missouri governor. He reports that "in Laclede County, and the immediate section around it, there is considerable favorable sentiment for Col. Lloyd Stark," and that "no one else seems to have any following."

September 26th 1935

Letter from J. H. Easley to Lloyd C. Stark about the state of his campaign in Laclede County. He writes that his "situation in this county is very fine," and that after the Pendergast endorsement "it seems to all be settled." He believes that some farmers might support William Hirth but "they do not feel that he has any chance at all."

March 27th 1936

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to George G. Starmer regarding Tom Pendergast and Stark's gubernatorial campaign.

November 26th 1935

Anonymous undated note to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, suggesting edits to what appears to be a statement about a Dr. Whitsell.

Letter from George G. Starmer to Lloyd C. Stark regarding campaign appointments.

November 15th 1935

Letter from G. R. Chamberlin to Lloyd C. Stark, discussing Pendergast's endorsement of Stark and other campaign issues. Chamberlin also assures that Stark "can rely on [Cass] county for a heavy majority and practically a clean sweep."

October 16th 1935

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Mabel Dunlap regarding her support for his gubernatorial campaign and his likely endorsement by the Pendergast machine.

April 29th 1935

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Senator Harry S. Truman, discussing state politics. Stark compliments Clarence Cannon and says he can be of assistance, and writes that "he will be delighted to do anything he can because, confidentially, he is deeply grateful to Mr. Pendergast for his friendship and assistance."

Letter from William Kitchen to Lloyd C. Stark about Stark's campaign for Missouri governor, his military record, and veterans issues.

February 27th 1936

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Senator Harry S. Truman regarding a visit Stark had with Pendergast, described as "our mutual friend in Kansas City."

March 22nd 1935

Letter from Charles W. Dickey to Lloyd C. Stark discussing campaign activities and supporters in Dade and Greene counties in southern Missouri, as well as which candidate Pendergast intends to support.

April 9th 1935


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