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Letter from Lucile Bluford to University of Missouri registrar S. W. Canada that she asks to be considered as a standing application to the university as a graduate student in journalism. Bluford writes that Canada's attorney William S. Hogsett used "open appeals to race prejudice" in federal court, and refuses to let that thwart her career.

April 28th 1942

Letter from William S. Hogsett to University of Missouri registrar S. W. Canada, suggesting Canada need not reply to letters from Lucile Bluford, suggesting she "has now been placed in the nuisance class" after losing her two lawsuits against Canada. At the time, Bluford was the managing editor of the Kansas City Call and her effort to gain admittance to the masters degree program at MU's School of Journalism, and repeated denials due to her race, lead to a case that eventually was heard before the Missouri Supreme Court.

May 4th 1942

Letter from William S. Hogsett to University of Missouri registrar S. W. Canada, noting that the university's graduate journalism program is to be reinstated, and addressing questions about Lucile Bluford potentially renewing her application and filing another lawsuit. Hogsett suggests they return to their prior successful argument that her applications are not being made in good faith and are instead "a mere pretense." He believes it likely that the NAACP would select another plaintiff for future efforts.

May 18th 1944


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