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Interview with Danny Gamino and Jose Perres by Laurie Bretz and Robert Oppenheimer as part of a project documenting the Kansas City, Kansas, Hispanic community. The men describe working in packing houses in the 1940s, and the segregation and discrimination they faced in restaurants, schools, movie theaters, and other parts of the community. They also discuss pay differences between white and Mexican workers prior to unionization, and other protections they were afforded by the union.

Photograph of unidentified railroad workers labeled "El Campo del Mexicanos" - the Union Pacific Railroad Mexican Camp. Railroad jobs brought many Mexican immigrants to Kansas City, Kansas.

May 6th 1922
Civil War on the Western Border: The Missouri-Kansas Conflict,1855-1865.
The Pendergast Years, Kansas City in the Jazz Age & Great Depression.
KC History, Missouri Valley Special Collections at the Kansas City Public Library.