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Five-page telegram from the Mexican Consulate in Kansas City, Missouri to Governor Jonathan M. Davis in Topeka, Kansas. The consul expresses concern over a report of four Mexican boys being barred from the Major Hudson School in the Rosedale community of Kansas City, Kansas, because other students threaten to stop attending classes if the Mexican children are allowed to attend. He says a mob of two hundred children and adults shouted abusive language until a teacher, Margaret Jones, called the police. The consul asks that the governor investigate the situation.

September 19th 1924

Letter from Mr. C. Miller, secretary to Governor Ben Paul, to Kansas state representative S. F. Paul, acknowledging receipt of his earlier letter and promising "personal attention and consideration" from Paul to come.

December 18th 1924

Letter from Kansas state representative S. F. Paul to Governor Ben Paulen regarding a bill proposing a reduction in State Grain Department fees for the inspection and weighing of grains. Paul argues that this change isn't good for Paul or for Kansas farmers, as much of the grain originates from out of state and thus the bill decreases fees largely for non-residents. Paul writes that the "Kansas Farmer is well satisfied with the present charges for inspecting and weighing."

December 16th 1924

Blueprint map of the Fairfax Industrial District in Kansas City, Kansas, showing Union Pacific Railroad facilities, tracks, and other properties, as well as depicting features of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers and mapping city streets and the rail lines of other companies. The map was created by the Union Pacific Chief Engineer's Office in Omaha, Nebraska.

November 4th 1924

William Allen White standing next to a Dodge automobile in front of the Emporia Gazette newspaper office during his campaign for Kansas governor, during which he took a stand against the Ku Klux Klan.

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