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Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Governor Guy B. Park recommending Ernest O. Boone and his wife for positions at the State Industrial Home for Girls in Tipton, Missouri.

May 17th 1933

Letter from William Igoe to Lloyd Stark about Bernard Dickmann's candidacy for St. Louis mayor .

February 18th 1933

Letter to William Igoe from Lloyd Stark concerning the St. Louis mayoral race, and Bernard Dickmann's candidacy in particular.

February 23rd 1933

Letter from C. M. Reid to Tom Pendergast, introducing and endorsing Mildred Liles Walters for a political appointment. The letter was forwarded to the governor with a note from Pendergast handwritten at the bottom.

May 12th 1933

Letter from Jacob L. Milligan to Guy B. Park discussing political "back-biting" in Missouri surrounding the funeral of Francis Wilson.

February 8th 1933

Letter from Charles U. Becker to Guy B. Park vouching for H. W. Hershberger with the State Highway Department. Becker asserts that Hershberger did not speak against Tom Pendergast during a recent campaign and thus should not be fired.

June 4th 1933

Letter from Cyril B. Brown to Samuel O. Hargus requesting an endorsement to Tom Pendergast for an appointment in R. Emmet O'Malley's insurance department.

April 6th 1933

Letter from A. G. Blakey to Guy B. Park about current displeasure with the Democratic Party and the Pendergast machine.

April 10th 1933

Letter from J. E. Connor to Guy B. Park regarding his application for a job and the endorsements he has and is seeking from Pendergast and others.

May 19th 1933

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Governor Park, in response to being overlooked for an appointment.

June 29th 1933

Letter from T. A. Dodge to Governor Guy Park offering his assistance with his administration and discussing Senator Morgan's record.

October 13th 1933

Letter from A. D. Gresham to Governor Park offering support and encouragement to his administration. Gresham offers his thoughts about alcohol policy and taxation, implying that he would be interested in a position on a control board.

October 10th 1933

Response letter from Governor Guy Park of Missouri to Vina Montgomery, defending the work of the Democratic political machine in Kansas City.

November 25th 1933

Letter from Bennett C. Clark to James A. Reed in which he discusses a recent meeting with James A. Farley. In this meeting, Farley had asked if it was okay for Thomas J. Pendergast to control Kansas City appointments. Clark firmly opposed this and mentions that Farley divulged that "the President himself at Albany had promised this patronage to Pendergast before the convention!"

March 22nd 1933

Political cartoon in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on March 25, 1933 depicting Thomas J. Pendergast's firm control of Jefferson City and his grasp for control in St. Louis.

March 25th 1933

Political advertisement that urges St. Louisans to vote against Bernard F. Dickmann, William Stone Madden, and Pendergast Machine at the April 4, 1933 election in order to mainstain low taxes and safeguard against, "a breakdown of its government such as we have witnessed at Jefferson City under a 'new deal.'" The document encourages support for Republicans Walter J. G. Neun and Louis Nolte.


Political cartoon in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on March 25, 1933 depicting Thomas J. Pendergast's hand reaching to control politics in St. Louis.

April 1st 1933
Civil War on the Western Border: The Missouri-Kansas Conflict,1855-1865.
The Pendergast Years, Kansas City in the Jazz Age & Great Depression.
KC History, Missouri Valley Special Collections at the Kansas City Public Library.