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Clipping entitled "A Real Goat Makes the Trip" from the Kansas City Times on March 28, 1932 that shows Kansas City Democrats boarding trains the previous day to the Democratic State Convention in St. Louis, Missouri. The photograph's caption states, "Members of the Washington Township Democratic Club, a Pendergast organization, are shown with their brown goat mascot, which they took along on one of the special trains. However, the goat will not be in the big parade planned by the local Democrats in St. Louis today. Leaders said it might cause some trouble."

March 27th 1932

Photograph looking south along the west side of Main Street from 27th Street. The caption states, "2. Camera 30 feet north of guy rod, looking south, showing guy rod to trolley pole at 27th & Main Streets. Claim #8859 Claimant Edward W. Wiggin."

February 4th 1941
Civil War on the Western Border: The Missouri-Kansas Conflict,1855-1865.
The Pendergast Years, Kansas City in the Jazz Age & Great Depression.
KC History, Missouri Valley Special Collections at the Kansas City Public Library.