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Photograph of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Choir at their second annual concert at Shubert Theatre on June 2, 1922.

June 2nd 1922

Postcard showing Orpheum Theater on the west side of Baltimore Avenue between 12th and 13th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. The back of the postcard includes a caption about the theatre and a short letter to S. R. Wheat of St Joseph, Missouri.

April 11th 1921

Photograph with full frontal and partial side view of the second Orpheum Theater. This vantage point faces southwest on Baltimore Avenue from just south of 12th Street.


Photograph with full frontal and side view of the Security National Bank Building at the northwest corner of 10th Street and Baltimore Avenue. This vantage point faces northwest from the southeast corner of 10th and Baltimore and shows Shubert Theatre on the left.

Photograph looking west along north side of 12th Street from Main Street. The Hotel Glennon, Hotel Dixon, Sexton Hotel, Gayety Theater and Hotel Muehlebach are pictured.

12th East from Baltimore

Circa 1920 photograph of storefronts along the south side of 12th Street looking east from Baltimore Avenue. Shows part of the sidewalk entry for the Dixon Hotel and the Sexton Hotel next door. Entrance to the Maze Theater is in view with advertisements for a show for "Ladies Only".

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