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Photograph of Redemptorist High School students posed on the front steps of the building facing Linwood Boulevard. Pictured, top row, left to right: Raphael Maddi, Virginia Kelly, Martha Brennan, Mary Alma, Mary Margaret Buckley, Ruth MacDonnell, Frances Natters, Marie Krumm, Mary Ann Gleason, Elizabeth Neville, Teresa Canisan; third row: Margaret Anderson, Mary E.

September 27th 1930

Letter from Tom L. Evans, president of Crown Drug Company, regarding the parole of Otto P. Higgins, Inmate #55996-L. Evans writes of Higgins' accomplishments with the police department and Kansas City Safety Council, and states that he believes Higgins "has learned his lesson" and would be able to "completely rehabilitate himself" as a citizen. Higgins, the former director of the Kansas City Police Department, was sentenced to two years in the United States Penitentiary at Leavenworth on charges of income tax evasion.

August 2nd 1940

Postcard of the Convention Hall in Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces northeast at the intersection of 13th and Central Street. The back of the postcard includes a short letter to Mrs. F.R. Chantry of Malvern, Iowa from an attendee at the 1928 National Republican Convention. The writer comments that, "If no one breaks away it is sure for Hoover. The great drive is to prevent his getting it."

June 13th 1928

Postcard of the Ararat Temple at the northeast corner of 11th Street and Central Street in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The vantage point faces northeast at the intersection of 11th and Central. The back of the postcard includes a brief caption about the temple and a short letter to Bertha Fleming in St. Joseph, Missouri.

February 2nd 1931

Proceedings of the Second Imperial Klonvokation of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, held at the Convention Hall in Kansas City, MO in September 1924. Several names of klansmen were redacted in this publication of the proceedings, including ones from Kansas City. Notable named speakers include George C. McCarron, Grand Dragon and Governor Clifford Walker of Georgia.

September 1924

Circa 1915 photograph with view of Fifth Street looking east towards its intersection at Central Street (left). Also pictured is the Fifth Avenue Hotel at 305-307 W. Fifth Street. Was earlier known as the Delmonico Hotel.

Postcard of the cattle breeder's building of the American Hereford Association, located at the northwest corner of Central Street and 11th Street and occupied by the association from 1919 to 1953.


Photograph with caption, "looking northeast along 52nd Street from Central Street." The photograph's annotations label streets and show proposed road improvements.


Photograph looking east along the north side of 9th Street at May Street. The Hotel Moore and Hotel Savoy are pictured.

August 18th 1924

Photograph looking west along the south side of 9th Street between Wyandotte Street and Central Street. The Yeager Hotel, Hotel Savoy, and Hotel Moore are pictured.


Circa 1928 photograph with frontal and side view of Pickering Lumber Company offices at the southwest corner of Central Street and 11th Street.

Circa 1935 photograph with full, corner view of Lathrop Polytechnic Institute, also known as Lathrop Trade School, Lathrop Manual Training, and Lathrop School. This vantage point faces northwest from the southeast corner of 13th Street and Cental Street.

Program for the ninth annual musical and physical exhibition for Lincoln High School at Convention Hall. Events include music, games, stunts, military exhibitions, dances, and a play, "Depicting the Evolution of Negro Music."

March 29th 1935

Photograph of the Ellison Apartments, located at the northwest corner of Armour Boulevard and Central Street.


Photograph of the Naples and Venice Apartments, located on the west side of Central Street between Armour Boulevard and 36th Street.

City Directory Contact Information for Miss Carrie Gray

City directory contact information for Miss Carrie Gray, Kansas City resident in 1905.


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