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Letter from Charles W. Dickey to Lloyd C. Stark recommending Stark make a connection with Guy Wade, new District Federal Works Progress Administrator for Springfield, and suggesting he would be a useful campaign supporter.

July 15th 1935

Letter from Mrs. A. P. Wolf to Lloyd C. Stark, expressing concern and disgust about Stark's ties to Pendergast. She writes that Stark "will be elected governor of Missouri with the help of the rottenest political machine that was ever built" and that Pendergast "seems to hold all relief in Missouri in the hollow of his hand."

September 16th 1936

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Chas. W. Dickey regarding his correspondence with John Green and the positive reaction the Pendergast machine is hearing about Stark's candidacy.

October 4th 1935

Letter from Chas. W. Dickey to Lloyd C. Stark discussing newspaper coverage of his campaign in Lamar, as well as concerns about WPA patronage from the Pendergast machine.

October 1st 1935

Letter from Chas. W. Dickey to Lloyd C. Stark, writing with campaign advice and potential connections throughout the state. He also references clippings which appeared in the Lamar Daily Democrat and Springfield Leader, and mentions concerns with Pendergast involvement in WPA appointments.

September 20th 1935

Letter from John K. Walsh to Lloyd C. Stark discussing the favorable prospects for Stark's candidacy in most of the state outside of St. Louis, as well as issues with the WPA.

May 12th 1936

Letter from J. R. Davis to Lloyd C. Stark discussing William Hirth's entry into the governor race and the impact of Tom Pendergast's endorsement on the Stark campaign.

January 8th 1936

Letter to Lloyd Stark outlining the allegiance of political factions in Missouri for the 1936 gubernatorial election.

March 19th 1936

Letter from Charles Matthews to Claude Lambert asserting that Lloyd Stark will not be beholden to Tom Pendergast's interests, regardless of garnering his endorsement. This letter is a near replica of SHSMO-C0004-F08113-0001.

March 16th 1936

Letter from H. R. Conway to candidate Lloyd Stark about the split among Democratic voters in terms of their support for his candidacy and attitudes about the Pendergast machine.

June 13th 1936

Report from William Kitchen on the status of Lloyd Stark's gubernatorial campaign in various communities across Missouri.

July 20th 1936

Letter to Lloyd Stark offering assurances and advice about his campaign for Missouri governor.

July 30th 1936

Political advertisement in the form of a letter to Missouri voters which characterizes Lloyd Stark as a corrupt affiliate of the Pendergast machine.

August 3rd 1936

Letter from H. R. Conway to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, outlining why he believes Saline County did not support Stark's candidacy in greater numbers.

August 12th 1936

Resolution from the Democratic Central Committee of Stone County, Missouri, endorsing Lloyd Stark for Governor.

August 17th 1936

Letter from Clarence Cannon to Lloyd Stark, recounting a speech by his Republican opponent, Jesse Barrett. The text discusses corruption under the Pendergast Machine and throughout the state, including insurance and pension fraud.

September 12th 1936

Letter from H. R. Conway to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark discussing potential difficulty winning Saline County, Missouri in the election.

October 12th 1936

Letter from Albert Seelig to Lloyd Stark in which he outlines the challenges of Germans obtaining work in the current political climate.

February 24th 1936

Letter from Byron Ball to Lloyd Stark, reporting on a recent speech and campaign rally held by his opponent in the Governor's race, Jessee Barrett.

October 17th 1936

Letter from J. G. Wells to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark describing an incident with WPA workers who were largely supportive of Stark's candidacy.

June 25th 1936


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