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An advertisement by Music Corporation of America (MCA) for Coon-Sanders Original Nighthawks Orchestra showing the ensemble seated and playing. Source: John Coon.

Studio portrait of George E. Lee Singing Novelty Orchestra posed with their instruments, ca. 1926. Pictured: Bob Garner, clarinet; Thurston "Sox" Moppins, trombone; George E. Lee, baritone saxophone & vocals; Chester Clark, trumpet; Julia Lee (George's sister), piano & vocals; et al.. Source: Charles Goodwin.

Exterior of Uptown Theatre and marquee at night, taken by Cresswell's, Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces southwest from the intersection of 37th Street and Broadway Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri.

Bennie Moten's Orchestra, with instruments, taken by Bert Photo Studio, ca. 1926. Pictured from left: Thamon Hayes, trombone, Lammar Wright, cornet; Willie McWashington, drums; Leroy "Buster" Berry, banjo; Bennie Moten, piano; Harlan Leonard, reeds; Vernon Page, brass bass; Woody Walder, reeds; LaForest Dent, reeds.

A special bulletin by William M. Campbell, Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, providing his opinion on Alfred Emanuel "Al" Smith, the 1928 Democratic U.S. presidential candidate. Campbell opposes Smith on the grounds that Smith is an Irish, Catholic, and supports the repeal of Prohibition.

Program cover, "Roosevelt Progressive Democrats present 'Happy Days' Dance and Floor Show," Pla Mor Ballroom, Wednesday Evening, March 14, 1934.

Cover to Electric Park Rag, a rag time two step by Jean Ledies and arranged by Rocco Venuto. Featured by Lenge's Military Band and published by Lenge & Venuto, 1320 South Paseo Place, Kansas City, Missouri. Two photos of Electric Park and a portrait of Lenge are shown. Source: Inst. Studies in American Music/UMKC.

Editorial cartoon by S. J. Ray entitled "And Such Nice New Buildings, Too", no date. The drawing shows a depiction of "organized crime" hanging out to dry on clotheslines between the Kansas City City Hall and the Kansas City Court House. Source: Vivian Fredericks.

Portrait of Edwin M. Clendening, secretary of the Kansas City Commercial Club from 1892-1918. He was then appointed Assistant to the President of the Chamber of Commerce. Clendening was instrumental in the erection of the original and rebuilt Convention Hall. The inscription on the bottom of the photograph reads: "To my friend Tedrow.

Mary Tiera Farrow, more commonly known as Tiera Farrow, photographed in the uniform of the National League of Women’s Services and standing next to an ambulance, ca. 1918.

Exterior of the Convention Hall in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. This hall was once located on the north side of 13th Street between Wyandotte Street and Central Street. It was razed after the completion of the Municipal Auditorium in 1935. This elevated vantage point faces northeast on Central Street, just south of 13th Street.

Full length group photograph of three of the Blue Devils, taken by Bert Studios, Kansas City, (left to right): Ernie Williams, George Hudson, Lester Young, ca. 1932. Source: Jimmy Jewel.