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Missouri and Kansas Interurban Railway Cars

Photograph of Missouri and Kansas Interurban Railway, also known as the Strang Line, cars standing on railroad tracks circa 1915. The front of a car reads "Santa Fe Trail Route," and two men sit inside the open-wided car, with five men standing on the ground alongside. 

Merriam School

Photograph of the two-story Merriam School building, located at Johnson Drive and King Avenue in Shawnee, Kansas, circa 1920. The pictured building was the second to house Merriam School, and was demolished in 1922. 

Merriam Homemakers Club Dad's Night

Photograph of a group gathered for the Merriam Homemakers Club "Dad's Night" in 1921. The party took place in the home of Lee and Etta Cox. Eight seated women are surrounded by eight men who are seated or standing. The club, initially founded in 1913 as a "mother's club," ended in 2015. The club was an opportunity for local women to socialize, organize, and share advice.

Merriam Homemakers Club

Photograph of past presidents of the Merriam Homemakers Club circa 1921. The ten women, dressed in long dresses, stand looking at the camera at an outdoor location. Leafless trees are visible in the background. The women are identified, from left to right, as Etta Cox, unknown, Mrs. Abe Peachy, Mrs. Louis Stark, unknown, Nellie Meyer, Mrs. C. H. Loomis, Lena Horner, and Mrs. C. F. Terry. The photograph was part of the Merriam Homemakers Club "1921-1922 Mrs. Henry J. Miller's Presidents Books."

Merriam Homemakers Club

Photograph of five members of the Merriam Homemakers Club in 1936. The women are identified as, from left to right, Mrs. X. O. (Nellie) Meyer, Mrs. Lee (Etta) Cox, Mrs. Abe Peachy, Mrs. Frank Miller, and Mrs. Louis Stark. The women stand in a row near the porch of a house. Mrs. Cox, listed as the guest of honor, wears a flower dress and talks with Mrs. Meyer. The club was an opportunity for local women to socialize, organize, and share advice.

Merriam High School Girls Basketball Team

Photograph of the 1921 Merriam High School girls basketball team. Eight student/players pose on steps in front of a school building door with a teacher. A girl at center holds a basketball marked "MHS '21." The girls wear white houses with dark scarves and lace-up, high ankle shoes; their teacher wears a dark dress with white lace at the collar.

Men Standing with Trucks, Lenexa

Photograph of two men standing next to two trucks in Lenexa, Kansas, circa 1920. The trucks are parked in front of a business advertising "millinery," "notions, "dry goods," and "Queensware" dishes in the front windows. A crate labeled "EGGS" is visible in the back of one truck, while the other contains cages of chickens. Two wood-frame houses are visible on the right side of the image. 

Men in front of Scheper's Hardware Store

Photograph of four men standing in front of Scheper's garage and hardware store in the early 1900s. The shop was located on Santa Fe Road between 79th and 80th Streets in downtown Overland Park, Kansas. 

Melvin Geary with Sow and Piglets

Photograph of a young man with a sow and piglets in a pen circa 1940. The young man, identified as Melvin Geary, is a participant in the Future Farmers of America program, and is smiling at the camera and bent over with his hands on a piglet. Trees and other brush are visible beyond the wire fence enclosure. The photograph is part of the 1940-1941 Future Farmers of America "Supervised Practice" scrapbook.

Marguerite Peet on Horseback

Photograph of Marguerite Peet mounted on her pony "Skippy" at the American Royal in 1929 or 1930. Peet appears to be a young teenager and is dressed in a riding jacket and cap. She and Skippy are posed in profile on a straw covered floor for the portrait.

Marguerite Peet in Riding Habit

Portrait of Marguerite Peet wearing a dark riding habit, including gloves and crop, circa 1938. She is photographed standing in 3/4 profile to the camera.

Man Building Planters

Photograph of George DeBrabander handling a plow next to a pile of stacked lumber and assembled wooden frames circa 1932. The frames served as raised beds for vegetable farming on DeBrabander's farm at the northwest corner of 75th and Quivira in Shawnee, Kansas.