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Photograph of the 1921 Merriam High School girls basketball team. Eight student/players pose on steps in front of a school building door with a teacher.

Photograph of young women, Campfire Girls participants, posed as a group circa 1920. Four girls sit around a fireplace wearing Native American costumes including fringed dresses and feather headbands, while while two others stand against the mantle, visible from the shoulders down.

Photograph of nine young women, Campfire Girls participants, posed as a group circa 1920. Six girls wear Native American costumes including beads and feather headbands, while three wear dark dresses.

Photograph of six young women dressed in Native American costumes circa 1920. The girls, members of the Campfire Girls program, are wear fringed dresses and feather headbands, are crouched on the floor around three candles.

Photograph of the intersection of Manor Road and 81st Street in Leawood, Kansas, circa 1939, looking south on Meadow Lane from 81st Street. An automobile is parked on the side of the road with door open near a fire hydrant, and a house is visible in the center background of the image.

Comic-style drawing depicting the fox hunting community in Johnson County, made as a gift for Joe and Steve Stubbs by Frank Huston, circa 1937. Homes and farms belonging to members and sites of hunts are depicted. Members of the Mission Valley Hunt Club, including Marguerite Peet, H. O. Peet, O. J. Bitler, and Joe Mackey are listed.

Photograph of H. O. (Herbert Orvis) Peet dressed in riding habit and posing with a horse circa 1937. Peet holds the horse's reins in his left hand while his right rests on a timber fence. A stone wall and leafless trees can be seen behind him.

Portrait of Marguerite Peet wearing a dark riding habit, including gloves and crop, circa 1938. She is photographed standing in 3/4 profile to the camera.

Photograph of Marguerite Peet mounted on her pony "Skippy" at the American Royal in 1929 or 1930. Peet appears to be a young teenager and is dressed in a riding jacket and cap. She and Skippy are posed in profile on a straw covered floor for the portrait.

Photograph of a breakfast gathering of the Mission Valley Hunt Club in 1939. H. O. Peet stands at left, his daughter Margeurite in the middle, and O. J. Bitler stands at right. The three hold china teacups and stand in front of a stone fireplace mantle decorated with greenery. All are wearing riding habits.

Photograph of Joe Mackey seated on horseback holding a horn circa 1935. Mackey, serving as lead huntsman in a fox hunt, wears a dark riding habit and rides a light colored horse. The hunt took place on Nafzinger Farm at 103rd zdytrry and Mission Road.

Photograph of H. O. (Herbert Orvis) Peet and his daughter Marguerite sitting on a fence rail circa 1935. The photograph was taken at their family home, Chatteris, located at 83rd and Nall in Prairie Village, Kansas. Peet began his career with Peet Brothers Soap Company, founded by his grandfather, shortly before it was sold to Colgate & Co.