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Young Man with Dog

Photograph of a young man kneeling with a dog, surrounded by dead rats, circa 1922. The young man, identified as Harold Dunham, is the son of William Dunham, superintendent of the Johnson County Poor Farm from 1917 to 1923. He is posed with a dog identified as Toodles, who was responsible for killing the 30+ rats at the farm. The farm, located at the northwest corner of 119th Street and Ridgeview Road in Olathe, Kansas, operated from 1863 through World War II. 

Worker at Shawnee Indian Mission

Photograph of a man working on renovations at the north building, at the northeast corner of 53rd Street and Reinhardt Drive, at the Shawnee Indian Mission in 1940. The man, dressed in overalls and a hat, scrapes at a wood door with a putty knife, and is surrounded by lath walls. 

Women Bottle-Feeding a Piglet

Photograph of two women, dressed in trousers and headscarves, bottle feeding a piglet at the Schutzel Farm circa 1937. The 55-acre farm, near 135th Street (then Kansas Highway 150) and Switzer Street, was owned by Emil J. and Dorothy Schutzel from 1934 to 1960.

Woman Standing with Cattle

Photograph of an elderly woman, identified as Alida Van Keirsbilck, standing with a small herd of cattle circa 1933. The Van Keirsbilck farm was located at 75th and Quivira in Lenexa, Kansas. An open field and several houses or outbuildings are visible in the background of the image.

Woman in a Hammock

Photograph of a woman relaxing in a hammock, surrounded by a flock of chickens, at the Schultzel farm circa 1937. The woman, identified as Mrs. Nichols, is dressed in a blouse and skirt, and was visiting the farm as a member of the Broadway Methodist Church of Kansas City, Missouri. A multicolored flock of chickens surrounds the hammock on the ground, and she is reaching out to touch one of the hens. A flower garden is pictured behind the hammock. The 55-acre farm, near 135th Street (then Kansas Highway 150) and Switzer Street, was owned by Emil J.

Wilhelmina Meyer Loercher House

Photograph, circa 1941, of a two-story clapboard house at 51st and Quivira in Shawnee, Kansas. Owned by Wilhelmina Loercher, the house was purchased by her father John G. Meyer circa 1870, and was formerly the home of Shawnee chief and Methodist minister Rev. Charles Bluejacket. 

Wilder School Class Photograph

Group photograph of the students and teachers at Wilder School circa 1918. The town of Wilder in northwest Johnson County, Kansas, was a diverse community of agricultural and railroad workers, including many Mexican immigrants.

White Family at Wolverine Dairy Farm

Photograph of Hugh and Mary White's four children at the Wolverine Dairy Farm in Overland Park circa 1941. Standing on the ground in front of a bar, the children are, from left to right, Bob, Joe, and Louise; Gene sits on a horse behind them. Joe holds a rabbit and Louise holds a dog. A silo is visible beyond the barn. The farm was located near 85th Street and Metcalf Avenue.

Walnut Grove

Photograph of Walnut Grove, a grassy area surrounded by trees, in downtown Overland Park circa 1920. Looking north along Santa Fe Drive from near 80th Street, the Strang Line car barn can be seen in the background at left, and rRailroad tracks run along the right side of the image.

Vocational Agriculture Student-Built Corner

Photograph of a corner of a tool room in the Vocational Agricultural Department at the Shawnee Mission Rural High School, circa 1935. The room contains a variety of tools, barrels, wooden carriers, and a worktable.  A scrapbook containing the original image reads, "Very little equipment has been purchased, as it has been the policy to make such things in shop where possible."

Vocational Agriculture Department Classroom

Photograph of a classroom in the Vocational Agricultural Department at the Shawnee Mission Rural High School, circa 1935. The room includes large tables lined with chairs, shelves and cabinets filled with books and equipment, large windows, and a radiator. A sign one one cabinet reads "DEPT. OF VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE," and an emblem on the far wall reads "FFA VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE." 

View of Downtown Olathe

Photograph of downtown Olathe, Kansas, as seen from the Johnson County courthouse in 1938. The square is covered in snow and trees have no leaves. One- and two-story commercial buildings line surrounding streets, with automobiles parked around the square perimeter.