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Letter from Kansas City attorney Joe W. McQueen to Senator Harry S. Truman. McQueen inquires what may be done to outfit the Fairfax Aviation School with the proper educational equipment to prepare workmen for employment in federal defense manufacturing.

Letter from Senator Harry S. Truman to Executive Manager of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Geroge W. Catts. Truman confirms receipt of a Kansas City manufacturing report sent by Catts and Truman expresses his surprise in the outcome of the report.

Letter from Harry S. Truman in Independence, Missouri to his wife Bess in Biloxi, Mississippi. In this letter, Truman updates Bess on personal matters after commenting that he "had the biggest day on record before the equalization board, and there'll be another one today. I am on my way to see Mr.

A letter from Ready Mixed Concrete Company Vice President R. P. Lyons to Senator Harry S. Truman. Lyons informs Truman that Independence Republican Lyle Weeks was awarded a contracting job by Kansas City and requests that Truman suggest to Weeks to use Ready Mixed Concrete Company concrete for the job.

Letter from Harry S. Truman in Washington D.C. to his wife Bess in Independence, Missouri. In this letter, Truman expresses his distaste for social functions, commenting that "I don't do things for people for a reward, if I did I ought to be rich.

Photocopy of a letter on behalf of President Harry S. Truman to James M. Pendergast, President of the Jackson Democratic Club at 1908 Main Street. Enclosed with the letter was a check for $6.00 to the Jackson Democratic Club, a Pendergast organization, for membership dues for 1947.

Letter from Independence, Missouri Mayor Roger T. Sermon to Senator Harry S. Truman. Sermon expresses to Truman he is appalled that James M. Pendergast "has just simply quit." He then discusses Kansas City Mayor John B. Gage and the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant.

Letter from Harry S. Truman at the Hotel Robidoux in Saint Joseph, Missouri to his wife Bess in Independence, Missouri. In this letter, Truman requests that Bess send him several items he forgot to pack on his trip to Camp Ripley. He then provides some candid information on Tom Pendergast, Fred Boxley, Frederick Gunn, Edward F.

A letter from J. C. Nichols to Senator Harry S. Truman in which Nichols attaches a letter he wrote the same day to Senator Arthur Capper. In Nichols's letter to Capper, Nichols asserts that the federal government should not be wasting building materials on the construction of new federal offices in Washington D.C.

Scene in Kansas City, Missouri, looking west on 13th street near Oak Street. From: Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.

Letter from Senator Harry S. Truman to Shannon C. Douglass in which Truman informs Douglass that he has met with Lou Holland. Holland recommends that "Kansas City take over both air plane landing fields - the one at Grandview and also the one at Greenwood."

Letter from Laborers Local No. 303 President A. G. Webb to Harry S. Truman. This letter serves as a declaration of support for Harry S. Truman from the Laborers Local No. 303 in Truman's campaign for Eastern Jackson County Judge.