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Letter from Ernest H. H. to Harry S. Truman congratulating him on his Democratic nomination for Judge of Jackson County, Missouri. He then provides cryptic details concerning the campaign.

Transcript of a speech given by Thomas W. Parrent running for Democratic nominee for Jackson County judge in the 1922 local primary election. Parrent primarily discusses road improvement throughout Jackson County, Missouri. Parrent lost to Harry S. Truman 39 - 117.

Letter from Harry S. Truman in Washington D.C. to his wife Bess in Independence, Missouri. In this letter, Truman provides his personal account of the Grand Lodge of Missouri Convention in Saint Louis, Missouri and his successful election to Deputy Master.

Letter from William A. Kitchen to Senator Harry S. Truman in which Kitchen provides details on the personal and financial situation of Mrs. Fred Chambers and asks Truman to do what he can to get her a job.

Photocopy of a letter from President Harry S. Truman to James M. Pendergast in which Truman expresses his desire for Pendergast to be able to reestablish the Kansas City Democratic organization of the 1920's and 1930's. He also hopes that James's current feud with the Aylwards does not hinder this goal. The Harry S.

Telegram from Grandview, Missouri Mayor Gared H. Murray to Senator Harry S. Truman. Murray informs Truman that the price for a proposed airport runway in Grandview, Missouri has been reduced to $175 per acre. Murray provides additional reasons to choose the Grandview site for airport runway construction.

Letter from Harry S. Truman at the Hotel Claridge in Saint Louis, Missouri to his wife Bess in Biloxi, Mississippi. In this letter, Truman updates Bess on his day and his on Jackson County Courthouse proposal.

Letter from Harry S. Truman in Fort Riley, Kansas to his wife Bess in Independence, Missouri.

Letter from Lou Holland to Senator Harry S. Truman in which Holland informs Truman that he will not be able to meet with him while in Washington, D.C.. Holland then updates Truman on his meetings with J. C. Nichols concerning the construction of sulphuric, ammonia, TNT, and smokeless powder plants in the Greater Kansas City area.

Letter from Kansas City, Missouri Mayor John B. Gage to Senator Harry S. Truman. Gage informs Truman that funds to purchase equipment for vocational training in federal defense manufacturing are not available until the Senate passes an appropriation for such purpose.

Letter from William A. Kitchen to Senator Harry S. Truman in which Kitchen discusses the 1940 election and public reception to Maurice M. Milligan's campaign against Truman. Kitchen then details information he received concerning a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation of Andy Murphy and the Union Electric Company.

A letter from James M. Pendergast to Senator Harry S. Truman in which Pendergast requests information from Truman pertaining to a rumored rationing of radios and radio equipment due to the war effort. Pendergast seeks this information because he has "some friends here engaged in the wholesale radio distribution business."