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Jackson County, Missouri courthouse building as it looked in Kansas City about 1936. Harry S. Truman, as Presiding Judge of Jackson County, was instrumental in the building of the courthouse.

Letter from Harry S. Truman at the Lafayette in Little Rock, Arkansas to his wife Bess in Independence, Missouri.

Speech made by Kansas City Mayor Bryce B. Smith to the South Central Business Association on October 30, 1934. Smith addresses the improvement projects he has planned for the city as part of the 10-Year Plan.

Letter from P. C. Carlock to William A. Kitchen in which Carlock informs Kitchen of his desire to be the sub-carrier in Greenfield, Missouri. Carlock asks him if he may be able to help him procure the position.

Letter from Joseph F. Keirnan, Director of the Department of Liquor Control of Kansas City to attorney Jerome K. Walsh. Keirnan talks of his meeting with former North Side [Columbus Park] precinct captain Johnnie Cozzi.

Portrait of Tom Pendergast.

Letter from Aviation Commissioner of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Russell Cantwell to Senator Harry S. Truman. Cantwell encloses a copy of a letter from William T. Grant to the U.S. Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson. Cantwell then informs Truman that he will be in Washington D.C. the following week to meet with J. C. Nichols.

Letter from Harry S. Truman in Independence, Missouri to his wife Bess in Biloxi, Mississippi. In this letter, Truman provides a short update on politics in Kansas City and says, "The Star seems to be softening up somewhat but they have planted a lot of poison."

Typed on United States Senate Memorandum paper, this list includes the names and addresses of every Pendergast Democratic Organization officer and ward leader including Thomas J. Pendergast, James M. Pendergast, George Harrington, Elijah Mathes, and B. W. Gnefkow.

Photocopy of a letter from Harry S. Truman to James M. Pendergast in which Truman discusses property matters concerning Fred Klaber and Russell Gabriel. The Harry S. Truman Library and Museum does not hold the original document.

Letter from Harry S. Truman in Washington D.C. to his wife Bess in Independence, Missouri.

Letter from William T. Kemper, Sr. of the Commerce Trust Company to Harry S. Truman congratulating him on his Democratic nomination for Judge of Jackson County, Missouri.