The Black Archives of Mid-America

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This photograph was taken looking west-northwest on 8th Street between Oak and Locust Streets.

Front cover of the April 10, 1928 program for the Eleventh Annual Fashion Show at Convention Hall under the auspices of Wheatley-Provident Hospital Auxiliary No. 1. This excerpt includes an advertisement for The Bahr Furniture Company.

Photograph of Count Basie posing with an unidentified youth in Kansas City, Missouri.

Photograph of the residence of L. E. Bailer, once located at 919 Woodland Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces east on Woodland Avenue between 9th Street and 10th Street.

In this letter, John E. Carlson compliments Chauncey Downs on his performance at the Minstrel Show and hopes that "more entertainments of this fine sort will be given by the Monrovian Club."

Reuben Street

Full length view of Street Hotel owner Reuben Street standing in front of his car on the street in front of his hotel at the northeast corner of The Paseo and 18th Street. This vantage point faces northeast from just east of this intersection.

Photograph of Preston Allen, Jr. in uniform, taken by Ronson Studio.

This photograph was taken looking east at the southwest corner of 12th Street and The Paseo in Kansas City, Missouri. Castle Theater, O.K. Bargain Store, 12th Street Market, Crown Drugs, and Paseo Fashion Shop are pictured from left to right. Advertisements for Coca-Cola are found outside the Crown Drugstore.

Fifteen member of the Chauncey Downs Orchestra with conductor to the right. "CD" is printed in the upper right corner of each of the five bandstands in front of the musicians. "Spring Prom Linden High School 5/2/40" is hand written in the lower left of center portion of the photograph.

Photograph of the residence of J. H. Bryant, once located at 2316 Highland Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces west on Highland Avenue between 23rd Street and 24th Street.

This photograph was taken looking east on 12th Street just west of Park Avenue.

Photograph of the Paseo Baptist Church congregation posed in celebration of the church's fifty-sixth anniversary. This photograph was taken facing east towards the main entrance of Paseo Baptist Church.