Wilson, Francis M.

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Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Democratic candidate for Missouri governor, Francis M. Wilson, discussing campaign strategy in St. Louis, and his desire for a landslide victory over his opponent in the primary.

Letter from Francis Wilson to Tom Pendergast, thanking him for his advice and help after a recent meeting.

Letter from Francis Wilson to James M. Pendergast describing the actions of H. G. Cherry, a Pendergast affiliate who was nonetheless speaking ill of Senator Wilson.

Letter from A. S. Humes to J. H. Hull regarding the upcoming election, and particularly the political climate in Henry and Cole counties.

Letter from Francis Wilson to Gray Snyder asking him to investigate whether the actions of his opponent, Grover Childers, were having any detrimental effect.

Letter from Missouri candidate for governor Francis Wilson to J. D. Hawkins of Webb City, asserting that his opponent, Russell Dearmont would not be successful due to his criticism of the Pendergast Machine of Kansas City.

Letter from Dr. J. P. Alle to Guy B. Park regarding a desired appointment as a physical at the Boonville Reformatory.

Letter from Judge William Ragland to Senator Francis Wilson of Missouri discussing upcoming re-election bids and the support of the Pendergast regime.

Letter from George Vest to Missouri candidate for Governor Francis Wilson, describing the nature of his support and that of his opponent, Russel Dearmont, in St. Louis.

Letter from Maurice Murphy of St. Joseph to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Francis Wilson, describing rumors he had heard that Tom Pendergast was going to switch his endorsement of Wilson to his opponent.

Letter with unclear signature to Missouri candidate for Governor Francis M. Wilson, providing a sample letter sent out on behalf of his candidacy.

Letter from Jack McComb to Lloyd C. Stark reporting on support for Stark from various parties, including the Jackson County Court and Francis Wilson supporters. He writes that Tom Pendergast and Jim Aylward have yet to make up their minds.