U.S. District Court, Western District of Missouri

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Information in the trial of Criminal Case No. 4182: United States vs. Charley Gargotta, defendant. The document states that, per the affidavit of W. E. Dunigan, Federal Prohibition Agent, Charley Gargotta was in possession of a half pint of whiskey on December 29, 1920.

Indictment for Criminal Case No. 7742: United States vs. Joe Berbiglia, defendants.

Indictment in Criminal Case No. 14639: United States vs. Charles V. Carrollo, defendant. Carrollo, aka "Charlie the Wop," was a Kansas City mob boss, and was charged with income tax evasion in the years 1935-1939.

Commitment in Criminal Case No. 13648: United States vs. United States vs. Edson M. Walker, Loretta McEntee, Chloe G. Albright, Elijah Burke, Anna V. O'Laughlin, Tessie Mears, and John L. Drummond, defendants. The documents report that Walker and Drummond were convicted by the jury and sentenced to two years at the U.S.

Report of trial for Criminal Case No. 8461: United States vs. Frank "Chee Chee" DeMayo, defendant. The document summarizes events of the case, including the defendant's arrest on April 2, 1928, the witnesses who appeared, and the attorneys appearing on each side. Commissioner George D.

Commitment in the trial of Criminal Case No. 4163: United States vs. Charles S. Gargotta and Charles Gargotta, defendants. The document notes that Charles S.

Commitment in Criminal Case No. 13395: United States vs. Johnnie O'Hara, defendant. The document reports that O'Hara was sentenced to serve three months in the Johnson County Jail at Warrensburg, Missouri. O'Hara was delivered to the jailer on May 27, 1936.

Judgments and commitment in Criminal Case No. 13754: United States vs. Ellis Buck, Sam Brenner, Viola Doss, Louise Davis, Ruth Tucker, Frances M. Eaton, Ernest Williams, Herman Supofsky, Elva O'Byrne, and Frances B. Ryan, defendants.

Information in the trial of Criminal Case No. 8902: United States vs. Frank DeLuna and Ben Danzo, defendants. The document states that, per the affidavit of W. Harold Lane, Federal Prohibition Agent, Deluna and Danzo possessed and transported, "for beverage purposes," fifteen gallons of whiskey.

Indictment in Criminal Case No. 11784: United States vs. Joseph Piscitta, Russell Piscitta, James Piscitta, George Tippet, Hubert Brown, Udell Harris, Eugene Petko, Emery Petko, Wesley Cole and Theodore Wilson, defendants.

Warrant to apprehend in Criminal Case No. 11769: United States vs. Pat Noonan, Joe School, Charles Binaggio, Milan Redis, Glen White, Eddie Moran, Link Moran, Silas Counts, and Frank Hart, defendants. Commissioner James S. Summers approved the warrant to arrest the defendants per an account by Special Agent Martin J.

Commitments in Criminal Case No. 6469: United States vs. Elton Apt, Arthur L. Curran, Ray Kirk, Isaac E. Martin, Benno Grauenbaum, Harvey Storms, Manning Wilcox, defendants. Manning Wilcox, Harvey Storms, Arthur L.