Shields, Montie

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Photograph of bottles and packages of confiscated liquor outside of the Johnson County Courthouse circa 1938. Law enforcement officers look over the confiscated materials. A caption included with the original image reads "Sheriff E. B. Pitt and Bob Grigsby Examining Liquor Found in One Car on 10 Hi-Way."

Photograph of a crowd gathered around seized gambling equipment at the Johnson County Courthouse square circa 1938. Numerous slot machines and other gaming machines are visible in the pile, and the crowd includes law enforcement officers.

Photograph of the Patrons Fire & Tornado Association building at 125 South Cherry Street in Olathe, circa 1940. The stone building features an arched roof line bearing the name of the company, and the year 1912, marking its construction, is marked under the arch. Two men, identified as inspectors B. M. Ottaway and Floyd B.

Photograph of a a women's softball team in Edgerton, Kansas, circa 1935. Ten of the eleven women wear uniforms consisting of dark, knee-length bloomers, stockings, and boots, white blouses, and caps reading "RED STAR." Two women in the front row also hold baseball bats.