Sawyer, Lewis B.

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Aldermen of Kansas City, MO.

Portrait photograph of the 1899 Kansas City, Missouri councilmen's baseball team. Pictured on top from left to right: Lewis B. Sawyer, 7th Ward, center field; Jesse L. Jewell, 3rd Ward, second base; O. Hansford Swearingen, 5th Ward, catcher; Claus Swanson, 4th Ward, right field; and John Moran, 2nd Ward, third base. Pictured on bottom from left to right: F. N. Johnson, 14th Ward, pitcher; John P. Lynch, 6th Ward, left field; James Pendergast, 1st Ward, short stop and Captain; A. D. Burrows, 10th Ward, substitute; and F. L. Middleton, 13th Ward, first base.