Pendergast, Thomas J.

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Letter from R. P. Spencer to Lloyd C. Clark discussing campaign logistics and courtesies and how various state politicians feel about his candidacy. He also discusses campaigning in Arrow Rock and Jefferson City, and warns that "a faction in St. Louis, friends of Igoe, and ...

Letter from Paul Weitkam to Jesse W. Barrett regarding Barrett's candidacy for governor, noting supporters he has spoken with and suggesting that Tom Pendergast doesn't have the hold that he once did.

Letter from Ashton Keith to Governor Lloyd C. Stark.

Letter from H. V. Shirts to Governor Guy B. Park urging him to take action against perpetrators of election fraud in recent Kansas City primaries.

Letter from Bennett C. Clark to James A. Reed. Clark discusses a Redistricting Bill and asks Reed to ask for Thomas J. Pendergast's input on the matter.

Letter from O. W. Joslyn of Charleston, Missouri to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, assuring him that support for his opponent is not strong in Mississippi County.

Letter from L. B. Jones to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting that Missouri State School employees are forced to donate a percentage of their wages to Pendergast's candidate James Billings in his campaign against James M. Douglas for Missouri Supreme Court. Jones writes that "if the board here investigates how our vote was cast ...

Letter from unknown to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on July 11, 1934. The author recounts John Lazia's death the day previous and provides an opinion on who may be at fault. Lazia's last words are recounted: "If anything is bad with me tell my friend Tom P. [Thomas J. Pendergast] I love him."

Letter from Tom Pendergast to Lloyd C. Stark, asking him to give special consideration to Mart Barrons and ensure that he gets the advertising business for the Apple Association.

Pamphlet written by Ewing Young Mitchell, former Assistant Secretary of Commerce in Franklin D. Roosevelt administration's first term. He asserts "[t]he first nomination for United States Senator of Harry S. Truman was stolen," and proceeds to argue that point.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Mabel Dunlap regarding her support for his gubernatorial campaign and his likely endorsement by the Pendergast machine.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Governor Park, in response to being overlooked for an appointment.