Pendergast, Thomas J.

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Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Tom Pendergast, mentioning "certain rumors ... regarding a mutual friend of ours" in Jefferson City and asking for a meeting.

Two letters from Lloyd C. Stark regarding Democratic candidate for Missouri Governor, Francis M. Wilson. The first was sent to Wilson, and refers to the enclosed second letter, which seeks to secure the campaign work of W. M. Ledbetter.

Letter from G. E. Happy to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting an overheard conversation in Richmond about Pendergast campaign activities, and offering to work for James Douglas's Missouri Supreme Court campaign, "and if not would be glad to distribute his literature in Richmond free of charges."

Letter from J. H. Easley to Lloyd C. Stark about the state of his campaign in Laclede County.

Anonymous postcard accusing Kansas City officials of misdeeds.

Letter from Ralph F. Lozier to Katherine W. Halterman. Lozier informs Katherine that in the event Charles M. Howell did not run for Senate, T. J. Pendergast said that he would support Lozier in his campaign for the Senate. He then provides an analysis of the Missouri campaign for U.S.

Letter from Joseph Sicker inviting the Starks to visit them in New York. The letter also provides details of a fruit basket order made by the Starks for delivery to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pendergast.

Letter from LLoyd C. Stark to Frank E. Mitchell, reporting that he has confidence that Pendergast will endorse his campaign and that his candidacy already is seeing great support.

Letter from Barney E. Reilly to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on May 13, 1932. Reilly discusses Franklin D. Roosevelt's primary campaign as it relates to Kansas City and northwestern Missouri politics.

Letter from Bonham E. Freeman to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting that Billings supporters were intending to make a last minute campaign push in Pike County "in order to discredit you in your own county," and describes the opinions of some locals "that the party is being injured by your disagreement with Pendergast."

Letter signed "Hayz" to Lloyd C. Stark indicating that some people thought Roy McKittrick would be a strong opponent for Stark in the gubernatorial election and that the machine had not yet decided which candidate to support.

Letter from Kansas City political boss Tom Pendergast to Governor Guy Park, asking that he appoint Walton Holmes to the University of Missouri Board of Curators.