Pendergast, Thomas J.

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Letter from George G. Vest, attorney and counselor at law, to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on May 10, 1932. Vest comments that Thomas J. Pendergast's personal physician, Dr. D. M. Nigro, would speak with Pendergast on Vest's behalf. He also discusses Franklin D. Roosevelt's Presidential primary campaign.

Letter from Governor Park to Tom Pendergast recommending Harold Miller for a job.

Letter from Garrett E. Spitzer to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, congratulation Stark on Judge James Douglas' win in the Missouri Supreme Court election, but writes that "while it may sound the death knell of Boss Pendergast, ... I wish to say that Pendergast is not dead by any manner of means. He has only received a severe slap."

This letter from Kitchen recommends placing an advertisement in the 'Missouri Legionnaire' in response to one placed by his competitor in the gubernatorial primary. He concludes by encouraging Lloyd Stark to meet very soon with Tom Pendergast because he learned that the Kansas City strongman was soon to have surgery in New York.

Telegram from Charles M. Hay to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, on the issue of Jim Aylward for state Democratic Party chairman. He writes "in my opinion it would be grievous mistake for you to consent to Ayleward [sic] or any other Pendergast afficiliate [sic] for state chairman."

Letter from W. G. Dillon to Lloyd C. Stark, discussing Stark's opponents' attempts to slur him with his Pendergast connection, but says "the fact is that the Pendergast issue is not hurting us."

Telegram from Ralph F. Lozier to Thomas J. Pendergast. Since James P. Alyward no longer intends to run for U.S. Senate, Lozier contacts T. J. Pendergast to discuss Lozier's candidacy. Lozier admits that he does not know whether he should contact Pendergast or if Pendergast would contact him.

Letter from Mrs. A. P. Wolf to Lloyd C. Stark, expressing concern and disgust about Stark's ties to Pendergast.

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to his nephew, Kansas City Court of Appeals judge Ewing C. Bland on February 11, 1934. Mitchell requests information concerning the Kansas City Republican organization’s ticket and strategy for the upcoming local election.

Letter from Shaffer Lamm to Guy B. Park requesting a letter of recommendation to Tom Pendergast to aid in finding a job.

Letter from Missouri Governor Guy Park to Carolyn Pendergast with well-wishes for her husband, Tom, after a recent health setback.

Letter from James McPherson Shockley to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, which includes an enclosed letter relative to converting Democratic voters to Stark's camp.