Pendergast, Thomas J.

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Letter from Kansas City Court of Appeals judge, Ewing C. Bland, to his uncle, Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on February 13, 1934. Bland provides Mitchell with the requested information concerning the Kansas City Republican organization's ticket and strategy for the local election.

Letter from W. M. Ledbetter to Lloyd Stark updating him on plans to meet and discuss a labor matter in Louisiana, MO.

Letter from Tom Pendergast to Senator James A. Reed recommending he hear Ruth J. Rubel's business proposition.

Response telegram from Carolyn Pendergast to Missouri Governor Guy Park, indicating that her husband, Tom Pendergast's medical condition was satisfactory.

Letter from R. P. Spencer to Lloyd C. Stark noting Pendergast's decision to support Stark and discussing potential candidates for attorney general. He believes Franklin Miller would be a superior candidate to Roy McKittrick.

Letter from J. N. Burroughs to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, commending Stark's opposition to "the corrupt elements in our party headed by the Pendergast machine," and believes he will receive support for Judge James Douglas's election to the Missouri Supreme Court.

Letter from Dorman H. O'Leary to Governor Lloyd C. Stark discussing actions taken against Jackson County politicians including County Prosecutor W. W. Graves and Sheriff James Williams.

Brief, anonymous letter to Lloyd stark complaining about the Pendergast affiliation of cream inspectors.

Letter from George G. Vest to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on June 1, 1934. Vest asks for Mitchell's support of John J. Cochran for U.S. Senator and describes Cochran's growing support in Missouri.

Receipt for a $15 basket of fruit, delivered on behalf of Lloyd Stark to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Pendergast aboard the Steamship Ile de France.

Letter from James A. Reed to Tom Pendergast recommending that he support Lee B. Ewing for Congress.

Unsigned letter to "Mr. Shockley" criticizing the work of the Insurance Committee of the Missouri House of Representatives, a group charged with investigating insurance scandals perpretrated by affiliates of the Pendergast Machine.