Pendergast, Thomas J.

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First page of a multi-page letter to Governor Lloyd Stark, encouraging him to remove R. Emmet O'Malley from his position as Insurance Commissioner.

Letter from Carrol Olsen of Kansas City to Governor Lloyd Stark, accusing him and Pendergast affiliates of stealing tax money and other Kansas City issues.

Letter from William M. Ledbetter to candidate Lloyd Stark, advising him on upcoming campaign meetings across Missouri.

Letter from James A. Reed to Bennett C. Clark in which Reed discusses his meetings with Ike Dunlap and Ed Villmoare. Reed mentions that Dunlap showed him a letter from President Roosevelt. In it, Roosevelt expresses his hope to meet with Thomas J. Pendergast soon.

Letter from T. O'Donnell to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. in which O'Donnell informs Mitchell he will be sending a document describing "'Machine tactics' in Jackson County government." O'Donnell claims it would be useful information for any U.S. Senate candidate opposing the Pendergast Machine.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to James M. Pendergast regarding appointees for the tax and game commissions.

Letter from Walker C. Johnson to Governor Lloyd C.

Letter from Frederick Whitten congratulating Jesse Barrett for his work in removing Pendergast Machine affiliates.

Anonymous letter to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing ongoing corruption during elections, and making other accusations of misdeeds in Kansas City. The writer signs off anonymously, saying "am not signing my name for I rather live a while longer and you could have a leak in your office."

Letter from Edward S. Saughman to Guy B. Park regarding anti-Dearmont appointments with the state highway patrol and penitentiary.

Letter to Lloyd Stark from a constituent disparaging R. Emmet O'Malley for his attempts to recover taxes from fraternal and social organizations.

Letter from James A. Reed to Tom Pendergast recommending Judge Nichols for a position.