Pendergast, Thomas J.

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Article from the New York World-Telegram on Tom Pendergast, in which the Kansas City boss offers his opinions on political machines, strong bosses and local politics. He and Mayor Bryce Smith also discuss Pendergast's Ready Mixed Concrete Company.

Letter from M. D. Lightfoot to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, pledging his own support for Stark, as well as that of many Greene County Democrats.

Letter from John K. Walsh to Lloyd C. Stark discussing the favorable prospects for Stark's candidacy in most of the state outside of St. Louis, as well as issues with the WPA.

Letter from A. Reed Wilson to Lloyd C. Stark, reporting that Tom Pendergast had "no objection ... to my furthering your cause with friends and associates out-state," and that he is getting "nothing but the most favorable response to your cause."

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to his nephew, Kansas City Court of Appeals Judge Ewing C. Bland on January 18, 1937. Mitchell continues his heated response by claiming that Bland was only elected because of his father's (Richard P. Bland) reputable civic career.

Letter from J. W. Fitzmaurice to Governor Guy B. Park asking for a letter of introduction for his son to Tom Pendergast.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Francis Wilson, recommending he help out Clarence Cannon in exchange for assistance on the campaign.

Letter from James A. Reed to Bennett C. Clark. Reed states that he is not sure what he can accomplish concerning the Redistricting Bill, but says that he will speak with Thomas J. Pendergast on the matter. Reed then explains rumors of his endorsement of Harry Hawes.

Letter from H. R. Conway to candidate Lloyd Stark about the split among Democratic voters in terms of their support for his candidacy and attitudes about the Pendergast machine.

Letter from R. F. Patterson to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, pledging support for Stark's fight for clean government in Missouri. He writes that there "are now two kinds of democrats in this state: Pendergast Democrats and Stark Democrats," and that each are waged in a "battle of extermination" against the other.

Letter from E. L. Preston to Tom Pendergast, congratulating his endorsement of Lloyd Stark for governor.

Draft of a letter from Ralph F. Lozier to Thomas J. Pendergast. Lozier most politely reminds Pendergast that in the event Charles M. Howell did not run for Senate, Pendergast said that he would support Lozier in his campaign for the Senate. This heavily edited draft contains many strikethroughs in the pursuit of brevity.