Pendergast, Thomas J.

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Telegram from Ralph F. Lozier to Charles M. Howell. After polling rural Missouri counties, Lozier rules that Truman would come in last place behind John J. Cochran and Jacob L. "Tuck" Milligan as Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator.

Letter from Jack Stapleton to Lloyd Stark in which the author describes sending a note and clipping about Stark to Tom Pendergast. He also references the Nelson Art Gallery in Kansas City.

Letter from Walker C. Johnson to Governor Lloyd C.

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to Bernarr MacFadden on March 8, 1934. Mitchell provides an account of the political climate in Kansas City and requests that the Liberty Magazine write an exposé on the election fraud there.

Letter from Paul A. Marye to Guy B. Park regarding election fraud in Missouri and the involvement of the Pendergast machine in insurance fraud and other issues.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Tom Pendergast, writing that he is sending "a little fountain pencil" as a gift for Mrs. Pendergast.

Anonymous letter to Lloyd Stark complaining about an illegal tavern near Rockville, Missouri.

Letter from G. R. Chamberlin to Lloyd C. Stark, discussing Pendergast's endorsement of Stark and other campaign issues. Chamberlin also assures that Stark "can rely on [Cass] county for a heavy majority and practically a clean sweep."

Newspaper clipping, possibly from 1974, describing an incident during the Great Depression in 1934 when Kansas City's Democratic organization, or the Pendergast political machine, fed 5,000 families.

Letter from Charles W. Longley, editor of 'The Rockville Leader' to Lloyd Stark, candidate for Governor of Missouri. Longley encourages Stark to fight the influence of the Pendergast regime in Western Missouri, as many citizens resent their corrupt practices.

Letter from M. J. Sannebeck to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing losing his job for not supporting Pendergast and vowing to support James Douglas in the election for Missouri Supreme Court.

Letter from C. W. Greenwade to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on June 4, 1934. Greenwade inquires what candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri he should openly support and comments that he believes John J. Cochran will when the primary.