Pendergast, Thomas J., Jr.

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From Guy Park to Tom Pendergast, Jr.

Response letter from Governor Park to Tom Pendergast, Jr. aknowledging the letter of thanks and welcoming him to visit when in Jefferson City.

From B. R. Williams to Lloyd C. Stark

Partial letter from Sheriff B. R. Williams of Macon County to Lloyd C. Stark, writing with campaign discussion and his confidence that Stark will receive Tom Pendergast's endorsement.

City Beverage Company - Kansas City, Missouri, Analysis of Officers' Salaries and Dividends Paid

An analysis of the salaries and dividends paid to officers of the City Beverage Company from 1933 through 1947. The document includes the salaries and dividends of Thomas J. Pendergast, Jr., Phillip H. McCrory, A. P. Spaar, Rhea Lazia and the estate of John Lazia, and William H. McCrory. The analysis also provides totals of salaries and dividends given for each year and the total of both figures given to each officer from 1933 to 1947.

"Scenes of the Great Democratic Rally on the State Fair Grounds at Sedalia, Saturday, June 7th"

Clipping from the Pendergast-controlled newspaper The Missouri Democrat on June 13, 1930. This excerpt includes photographs of Thomas J. Pendergast, Thomas J. Pendergast, Jr., James M. Pendergast, and James A. Reed.

"At the Pendergast Wedding"

Clipping from the Kansas City Star on April 24, 1935 showing Thomas J. Pendergast, Carolyn E. Pendergast, Governor Guy B. Park, and Eleanora G. Park attending the marriage of Thomas J. Pendergast, Jr. and Mary Louise Weyer. The caption states, "Bridegroom's Parents (upper) - Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Pendergast as they left the vestibule of St. Peter's church today where their son, Thomas J. Pendergast jr., wed Miss Mary Louis Weyer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Weyer, 6401 Main street. Distinguished Guests (lower) - Governor and Mrs. Guy B.