Park, Guy B.

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Letter from an unknown author (possibly Martin J. Collins of St. Louis, Missouri) to "Bob" on July 23, 1934, regarding the U.S. Senate race in Missouri. The author comments that Harry S. Truman, John J. Cochran, and Jacob L. Milligan are all campaigning to undecided voters in upstate, rural Missouri.

Response letter from U. A McBride to Governor Park's secretary Sam Hargus in which he emphasizes his affiliation with Tom Pendergast and seeks a job.

Response letter from Governor Guy Park to Tom Pendergast indicating that he will follow up with Mr. McBride regarding the Benefit Building & Loan Association.

Response from Governor Guy Park to Tom Pendergast, indicating that he will look into the situation with Central College of Osteopathy as requested.

Letter of introduction for Ruth J. Rubell of Kansas City, from Tom Pendergast to Missouri Governor Guy Park.

Letter from Harry S. Truman, presiding judge of the Jackson County Court to Missouri Governor Guy Park, expressing his support for recent budget legislation.

Response letter from Governor Park to S. M. Scott of Kansas City indicating that he should contact the authorities or provide evidence if he has knowledge of election fraud activities.

Letter from John E. Robertson to Guy B. Park regarding violence and election fraud taking place at a March 6th primary election.

Letter from J. B. Crow to Governor Lloyd C.

Letter from Hugh O'Connor to Guy B. park demanding an investigation into the August 4, 1936 primary election and the ouster of the election commissioners and election judges and clerks.

Letter from J. B. Journey to Lloyd C. Stark writing with information about sentiments regarding the governors race in Nevada and the rest of Vernon County.

Response letter from Governor Guy Park to James Hurst, stating that he had overlooked his recommendation from Tom Pendergast when appointing the Secretary of the State Athletic Commission.