Park, Guy B.

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Letter from Missouri Governor Guy Park asking Jim Pendergast to investigate a candidate for a state job who hails from Kansas City.

Letter from N. R. Aldrich of the W.P.A. to Missouri Governor Guy Park, indicating his intention to find a position for Pierce Boydston of Dearborn, Missouri.

Letter of introduction for H. K. Ferrell from Missouri Governor Guy Park to Tom Pendergast of Kansas City.

Letter from Lloyd Stark to Joseph L. McLemore thanking him for his recent letter.

Telegram from the Community Party of Kansas City to Governor Guy Park noting interference and assault by the Kansas City Police Department while the party was distributing campaign literature.

Letter from Fred Klein to Guy Park, asking the Missouri Governor for a letter of introduction to Tom Pendergast of Kansas City.

Letter from E. C. Johnson to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, cautioning him not to speak too highly of the current governor, lest he alienate some voters.

Letter from Ray B. Horton to Governor Park indicating his strong support for the upcoming bond election.

Letter from James M. Pendergast to Guy B. Park recommending George McGillen for a position as guard at the penitentiary.

Response letter from Governor Park to Nettie C. Alvey of Kansas City indicating that she should contact the authorities or provide evidence if she has knowledge of election fraud activities.

Letter from Robert A. Cummins to Governor Park, asking for details on his recent appointment in the Missouri Department of Food and Inspection.

Response letter from Missouri Governor Guy Park to G. M. Park of Blue Springs, assuring him that his administration was trying to handle the situation with voting irregularities in Kansas City.