Park, Guy B.

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Letter from Harry S. Truman in Independence, Missouri to his wife Bess in Biloxi, Mississippi. In this revealing letter, Truman provides a detailed update on politics in Kansas City and says, "The Star is making a goat of me--not a Pendergast goat either but a tax goat. I'll lick the whole gang yet and make 'em like it."

Note from Jim Pendergast to Allen, making introduction of Jasper De Maria and asking to get him in to see Governor Guy B. Park.

Letter from S. M. Scott to Guy B. Parks reporting his belief that the election of August 4th being "a delibrate [sic] steal."

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Ernest O. Boone, writing that he is enclosing a copy of a letter to the governor endorsing Boone for a position.

Letter from C. M. Reid to Tom Pendergast, introducing and endorsing Mildred Liles Walters for a political appointment. The letter was forwarded to the governor with a note from Pendergast handwritten at the bottom.

Letter from Jim Pendergast to Guy B. Park recommending Rufus Maddox for a position as Deputy Inspector.

Western Union telegram from Governor Guy Park of Missouri to President Franklin Roosevelt recommending the release of funds for Missouri River improvement due to the "unemployment situation."

Letter from H. V Shirts to Guy B. Park, refuting the governor's previous claims that election fraud was not a concern in Kansas City.

Letter from James M. Pendergast to Guy B. Park recommending Miss Mildred Cherry for a position with a state department.

Letter from Birt Keys of Kansas City to Missouri Governor Guy Park complaining about corruption, particularly in regard to old age pensions in the state.

Letter from M. Ross to Governor Park asking on behalf of Tom Pendergast that Park write to President Roosevelt about releasing federal Missouri River improvement funds.

Response letter from Guy Peabody to Governor Park insisting that reports of election fraud in Kansas city are true.