Park, Guy B.

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Letter from J. B. Crow to Governor Lloyd C.

Letter from Governor Park to Tom Pendergast of Kansas City, providing an introduction for Shaffer Lann.

Letter from Hugh Pendergast to Governor Guy Park asking that Jack Ford of Kansas City be admitted to medical school at the University of Missouri.

Response letter from U. A McBride to Governor Park's secretary Sam Hargus in which he emphasizes his affiliation with Tom Pendergast and seeks a job.

Response letter from Governor Guy Park to Tom Pendergast indicating that he will follow up with Mr. McBride regarding the Benefit Building & Loan Association.

Letter from G. H. Foree to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. in which Foree requests an appointment to the Treasury Alcohol Tax Unit as an Internal Revenue officer, commonly called "Prohibition Agents". Foree also informs Mitchell that John J. Cochran entered the race for U.S. Senate of Missouri.

Response letter to M. Ross from Governor Park's Executive Secretary acknowledging receipt of his letter and indicating that the Governor contacted President Roosevelt as requested.

Letter from Hiram Chinn of Springfield to Missouri Governor Guy Park, explaining why Greene County voters did not strongly come out in support of Harry Truman for Senator.

Letter from Clara S. MucCulley to Guy B. Park requesting work for a family member. She describes herself as having worked for Tom Pendergast but has been unable to speak with him due to his illness.

Letter from Tom Pendergast to Governor Guy Park of Missouri, recommending Mr. Herman Fram for a state job.

Letter from O. E. Shouse to Guy B. Park asking for his assistance in getting to meet with Tom Pendergast in order to obtain his endorsement for a position.

Telegram from Jim Pendergast to Governor Guy Park of Missouri asking that T. H. Cutler be retained as Chief Engineer.