O'Malley, R. Emmet

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American Insurance Company vs. Ray B. Lucas and Roy McKittrick: Excerpt

Excerpt of an unabridged print of American Insurance Company, Plaintiff, vs. Ray B. Lucas, Superintendent of the Insurance Department of the State of Missouri, and Roy McKittrick, Attorney General of the State of Missouri, Defendants. This excerpt provides the table of contents for the unabridged case and details the most scandalous criminal activity of the court case. These activities include bribery and illegal money collection involving Thomas J. Pendergast, R. Emmett O'Malley, A. L. McCormack and C. R. Street in 1935.

"Stark and Pendergast"

Reproduction of an article from the St. Joseph News-Press from late July or early August 1937 describing Governor Lloyd C. Stark's refusal to reappoint the Kansas City election board and Emmett O'Malley as State Superintendent of Insurance. The author describes Pendergast as "an elderly man who, misguided as that man might be in many of his methods politically, certainly always has kept the faith..."