McCormick, J. N.

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Memorandum re: Tony Ballano

Memorandum regarding Tony Ballano, Kansas City organized crime figure. The memo summarizes biographical information, as well as his police record and involvement in criminal activities, as well as noting that he "has not been very prominent publicly in the last ten years." Ballano is described as "an old-time bomb thrower and Black Hander," who was shot six times by the police during a stake out.

Memorandum re: Joseph DiGiovanni

Memorandum regarding Joe DiGiovanni's criminal history, listing charges beginning with a 1920 Prohibition violation to which he plead guilty, and spanning through 1930. DiGiovanni was charged with numerous Prohibition and other liquor violations.

Memorandum re: Giovanni "John" Blando

Memorandum including biographical information and criminal history of organized crime figure John Blando, including an arrest for arson and numerous liquor charges.