Lusco, Joseph

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Issue of the anti-corruption, Kansas City-based newspaper, Future: The Newsweekly for Today.

Transcript of examination of Joseph Lusco before the Grand Jury in Criminal Case No. 6469: United States vs. Elton Apt, Arthur L. Curran, Ray Kirk, Isaac E. Martin, Benno Grauenbaum, Harvey Storms, Manning Wilcox, defendants. The transcript examination of Joseph Lusco regarding his experience with Agents Wilcox and Curran.

Information in the trial of Criminal Case No. 4639: United States vs. Charley Gargotta, defendant. The document states that, per the affidavit of W. E. Dunigan, Federal Prohibition Agent, Joseph Lusco was in possession of "a certain quantity of intoxicating liquor," i.e.