Lauder, Frank

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Richard Lynch

An autochrome photograph of Richard Lynch at his home at Unity Farm (Unity Village).

Red Bud Tree and Sid J. Hare

An autochrome photograph of Sid J. Hare standing next to a blossoming red bud tree on his property. Hare was a Kansas City landscape architect.

Rear Garden with Topiary

An autochrome photograph of topiary in the rear garden of Hunter L. Gary, President of the Theodore Gary and Co. (investments). This vantage point faces southeast towards the north side of Gary's home.

Presidents and Past Presidents Club Rose Bed and Pergola

An autochrome photograph of a bed of roses and pergola at the Municipal Rose Garden (Loose Park Rose Garden). This particular bed was managed by the Presidents and Past Presidents Club.

Poppy Garden of C. M. Moore

An autochrome photograph of Clarence M. Moore's poppy garden, taken from the west. Moore was an executive with Truscon Laboratories.

Pool at University of Kansas City

An autochrome photograph of a pool, taken from the south on the grounds of the University of Kansas City (now University of Missouri - Kansas City).

Polygonum Vine with H. H. Beels

An autochrome photograph of H. H. Beels standing next to a large polygonum vine. Beels was treasurer of Gallup Map & Supply Company.

Plaza Apartment Hotels

An autochrome photograph of Broadway/Wornall Bridge across Brush Creek and the apartments near the Country Club Plaza, including the Locarno, the Riviera, and the Casa Loma. This vantage point faces east from just west of the bridge.

Pioneer Mother Statue

An autochrome photograph of the Pioneer Mother, a statue by A. Thimister Proctor, located in Penn Valley Park.

Pink "American Beauty" Roses

An autochrome photograph of Miss Susan Stewart's pink "American Beauty" roses on her garage, taken from the north.

Picnic at Swope Park

A color glass plate positive photograph of a group of people at a picnic in Swope Park.

Pergola with Bess Chaplin

An autochrome photograph of Bess Chaplin standing under her pergola. Her husband, George H. Chaplin was a sales agent at Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad.