Lauder, Frank

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An autochrome photograph of the Thomas H. Swope Mausoleum in Swope Park, taken from west of the memorial.

An autochrome photograph of Willow Lake, taken from the south. Willow Lake is located at the southeast corner of 63rd Street and Ensley Lane.

An autochrome photograph of a women standing near a statue in the Romanelli Gardens subdivision near the intersection of 68th Street Terrace and Ward Parkway. This vantage point faces east-southeast with the house at 1020 West 69th Street.

An autochrome photograph of the Belknap C. Hawkes and Alice Hawkes residence, taken from the north. Belknap was a Kansas City stockbroker.

An autochrome photograph of Henry A. Auerbach's house taken from the northeast after the 1934 Drought. Auerbach was co-founder of the Palace Clothing Company.

An autochrome photograph of Broadway/Wornall Bridge across Brush Creek and the apartments near the Country Club Plaza, including the Locarno, the Riviera, and the Casa Loma. This vantage point faces east from just west of the bridge.

A color glass plate positive photograph of the view looking southeast across the Swope Park gardens near the Shelter House (now the Battle of Westport Visitor Center).

An autochrome photograph of the J. C. Nichols Company office building, taken from the southeast.

An autochrome photograph of A. B. Eisenhower's residence, taken looking northeast at the intersection of Ensley Lane and Tomahawk Road. Eisenhower was vice-president of the Commerce Trust Company.

An autochrome photograph of swimmers at the northeast corner pool at Unity Farm (Unity Village). This photograph was taken from the west.

A color glass plate positive photograph of morning glories growing on George H. Nettleton residence, taken from the west. Five women are pictured seated on the porch.

An autochrome photograph of lilies growing along Gregory Boulevard by the property of George W. McClelland, lawyer. This vantage point faces west on the north side of Gregory Boulevard between Cherry Street and Holmes Road.